GA2000 next-generation timepiece that incorporates traditional patterns from the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Based on a traditional textile pattern that is part of the history of the Kingdom of Bhutan, this model is decorated with the five colors of the Lungta prayer flag. Each of the Lungta colors represents a specific element: blue for the water, white for the air and wind, red for fire, green for wood, and yellow for earth.

The base model is the GA2000, which is setting the standard for the next generation G-SHOCK. This combination of Bhutan Kingdom tradition and modern G-SHOCK styling creates a timepiece with a unique and stylish design.


The Lungta is a traditional Kingdom of Bhutan prayer flag. Lungta means "wind horse" (lung = wind, ta = horse), and each flag has the image of a horse in the center

Other Colors
  • Image of watch model GA2000SKE-8A
  • Image of watch model GA2000-2A
  • Image of watch model GA2000HC-3A

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  • Image of watch model GA2000HC-7A

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  • Image of watch model GA2000WM-1A

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  • Shock Resistant

  • 200M Water Resistant

  • Interchangeable Band Structure

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