From the ever-evolving G-SHOCK, a new series "GX Series" that aims to withstand the impact (Gravity) from all directions (X = extra) appears. The two-layer urethane bezel has a new structure in which another bezel is stacked inside the conventional urethane bezel. Hard urethane that guards impact is placed on the outside and soft urethane that absorbs impact is placed on the inside. The soft urethane bezel covers up to the button, increasing the protection of the entire bezel without compromising the operability of the button.

Equipped with standard radio wave reception function and tough solar of 6 stations in the world, considering practicality. Introducing New G-SHOCK, a thorough pursuit of G-SHOCK's identity, “tough�, from both technology and design perspectives.

Other Colors
  • Image of watch model GX56BB-1
  • Image of watch model GWF1000SR-4

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  • Multiband 6

  • Tough Solar Power

    Tough Solar ensures stable operation while using power-hungry functions

  • 200M Water Resistant

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