“Yasuri-me”(rasp mark) finishis a pattern applied to the tang of a Japanese sword blade to prevent the blade from slipping out of its grip. The MRG-G2000GA takes in these markings on the centre links of its band. The decorative rasp marks, a technique inherited by the famed Gassan family of swordmakers, express a certain philosophy of Japanese swords, and are individually hand-carved by the swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan. In addition, the second central link of the band bears a symbol certifying its creator, an inscription of the first character of the motto of the Gassan family, “Tan-tou-hito-suji”(Devotion to the forging of swords). The exterior of the watch exudes a unique and strong presence on account of it being handmade.


Born in Nara Prefecture in 1979. Born into the famous Gassan family of swordsmiths, Sadanobu Gassan was exposed to the world of swordmaking from a young age. In 1998, he began training with his father, Sadatoshi Gassan. In 2006, he was recognised as a wordmaker by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. Since that time, he has continued to challenge himself in new areas of craftsmanship that carry forth the traditions of the past, and has won numerous prizes and accolades in various competitions. As the sixth in the Gassan line from Osaka, he carries the burden of the next generation of Japanese swords. Sadanobu Gassan currently serves as a director for the All Japan Swordsmith Association.


The titanium case is treated with surface processing that grants it a hardness exceeding that of DLC, strengthening its resistance to abrasions. The material expresses the colour of heated and hardened steel via “koki-murasaki”(deep violet), a traditional Japanese colour. Note: AIP® (arc ion plating) is a registered trademark of Kobe Steel, Ltd.