Titanium Case & Band

The use of strong yet lightweight titanium has resulted in a full-metal watch with pleasing wear ability. Since titanium is allergy-free, people with metal allergies can also wear it with peace of mind.

Sapphire Crystal

A highly scratch resistant, high-transparency sapphire crystal is installed to protect the dial. A non-reflective coating applied to one surface assures clear viewing of the time and data.

3-Way Time Sync

New MR-G is a GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor watch with Bluetooth and features a triple timekeeping system, receiving both radio wave and GPS satellite time calibration signals while also being able to pair with a smartphone to acquire data from time servers.

“Tsuiki” Hammer tone finish

The bezel and center band links are finished with traditional Japanese Tsuiki hammering. A mallet and special chisel are use to individualize each indentation.