Manufacturing prowess

This is the Casio “mother factory”, where leading-edge manufacturing equipment and skilled craftsmen work side by side. The care and skill required to make even a single gear or metal mold often goes unrecognized due to the strong image of Casio electronics. At Yamagata Casio, however, we stress integrated production over efficiency as a proud watch manufacturer dedicated to absolute accuracy in everything from the manufacture of finely detailed gears and movements to precise final assembly.

Absolutely precise manufacturing (movement)

Electronic parts such as antennae, sensors and LSI chips are mounted on printed circuit boards. Parts such as gears and motors are mounted on the main plate to produce the analog block.

Functional beauty (exterior parts/coloring/processing) prowess

Full use is made of advanced image-processing technology to conduct quality checks at each step of the assembly. Craftsman engage in confirmation of such factors as the soldering and engagement of the gears. Finally, an overall inspection of each individual module and product is conducted involving a close examination of over 15 points, including such factors as substrate oscillation and movement operation.

Premium Production Line

The Premium Production Line has been established in YAMAGATA CASIO as a production line dedicated to high-end models. Fully equipped with original manufacturing technologies, it has the ability to apply leading-edge electronic technologies to conduct work with a precision beyond the limits of the human eye. The product manufacturing is conducted by certified skilled craftsman, moreover, making full use of their proficient technical skills and refined sensibilities.