Stronger in the Dark : LIGHT FUNCTIONS

Development of an EL backlight improves the practicality of the dial light function compared to the conventional miniature bulb. As time passes, the backlight will evolve into an auto light that turns on automatically with just a tilt of the wrist, and eventually into a high-visibility LED light.
*Photo shows model DW-5600E-1

Converting Light to Power : SOLAR-POWERED

CASIO’s proprietary solar-charging system that converts light into ample electric power to provide stable operation of multiple functions is launched. It is installed in many models to eliminate the bother of periodic battery replacements.
*Photo shows model G-5600-1.

Keeping Accurate Time : RADIO-CONTROLLED

A watch equipped with a reception function that receives standard time radio waves and corrects the time automatically and provides greatly improved accuracy over a quartz watch display appears. Multiband 6 models can receive radio waves from 6 broadcasting stations around the world.
*Photo shows model GW-5600J-1

Pursuit of Multifunctionality : SPORTS FUNCTIONS

Watches loaded with functions for use in wide-ranging sports appear, including stopwatches for soccer and Tide Graph/Moon Data displays for fishing. The spheres of tough watch activity continue to expand.
*Photo shows model GLX-5600-7.


Watches that continue to pursue the tough performance of the original G-SHOCK while supporting operation in low-temperature environments as cold as -20°C are introduced. They support activities in extreme cold environments, from snowy mountains to icebound polar regions.
*Photo shows model GLS-5600X-6.

Improved Usability : BLUETOOTH®

Bluetooth® communication is adopted to provide automatic time correction from a smartphone. Various other operations, such as alarm and timer setting, can also be managed with the smartphone app, moreover, realizing easy operation without touching the watch. Daily life usability is more convenient than ever.
*Photo shows model GB-5600AA-1.