GPS Satellite Signal Reception

Positioning and time information received from GPS satellites is analyzed automatically to determine the time zone and Daylight Saving Time in the current location and display the correct time all the time.

Standard Time Radio Wave Reception

Radio waves bearing standard time information are transmitted from stations in Japan (two stations), the United States, Germany, the UK and China. They are received indoors or out and used to correct the time automatically.


Easy to use : Multi-function operations can be conducted with unprecedented ease using the smartphone app Accurate timekeeping : The watch and smartphone are connected automatically four times a day, and the time displayed by the watch is corrected. Changes to new local times are made with the push of a button when crossing time zones

Miniaturization and power-saving technologies & High-density mounting technology

High-density mounting enables optimal arrangement of multiple parts — including three different antennae, six motors and various ICs and gears — in the limited space on the module This technology makes it possible to add the new parts required by multi-function watches without enlarging the module.