Solar Power

None-Stop - A solar panel converts even weak illumination from fluorescent lighting into electric power. A rechargeable battery with a large power storage capacity supports stable operation of various functions with high electricity consumption. You never have to worry about the battery running down because it's a solar battery. Casio watches with solar technology, receive thermal and electrical energy that recharges the watch batteries through solar panels on the face of the watch.

Atomic Timekeeping

Self Adjusting - Receives time calibration signals and corrects the time automatically. Casio watches with Wave Ceptor technology receive radio waves carrying American Standard Time data transmitted from Fort Collins, Colorado. It then corrects the time automatically for one of four U.S. cities you pre-select depending on your time zone and displays the time wherever you go from coast to coast!

Sensor Technology

Three miniature sensors for measuring direction, barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature: These comprise G-SHOCKS's core technologies for high-precision detection of sudden changes in natural phenomena. In 2013, CASIO developed a dramatic upgrading of Triple Sensor with its advance to 3rd generation.

Tough Movement

Tough Solar, Multiband 6, Auto Hand Home Position Correction and Hybrid Mount Construction. These four technologies combine in a radio-controlled, solar-powered analogue movement that elevates the reliability of solar-powered, radio-controlled analog watches to new heights.


Prompt display of the correct time worldwide. Reception of current location positioning and time data from GPS satellites. Time zone determination through automatic analysis of positioning information. Determination of the current location’s Daylight Saving Time status and automatic display of the correct time.