Yadin Nicol


Yadin Nicol hails from Margaret River, one of Australia’s largest waves. As a youngster he dominated the junior ranks, winning multiple events and was voted Australia’s number one junior in Australia’s Surfing Life Magazine. Yadin then took a few years to free-surf, travel for photos and video, and grow a global profile, as well as improve his surfing.

Yades, as he is known to friends, divides his time between Australia and USA where he lives with his wife Bella when he’s not traveling the globe. His energetic, future-focused surfing has made him a global star. He’s as big in America as he is in Australia - thanks largely to being in constant demand by the world’s biggest surf mags and movie directors. Today, Yades is usually found on the road, chasing the WQS and magazine shoots.

Born: November 16, 1985

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California