Captain Joseph Garcia

Captain Joseph Garcia is considered one of the world's foremost experts in the highly specialized area of Corrections Special Operations. He's among the field's leading innovators, trainers, and speakers. As a Senior Instructor for the United States Corrections - Special Operations Group (US C-SOG) he provides training to corrections special operations units around the world. Additionally, he serves as Captain and Special Operations Group Commander for the Spantanburg County Sheriff's Office in Spantanburg, SC.

With over two decades in Corrections Special Operations, Captain Garcia has been involved in both numerous high intensity inmate conflicts (HIIC) and low intensity inmate conflicts (LIIC). He's served in CSO capacity positions as an Entry Operator, Breacher, Senior Team Leader, to Executive Officer and Commander. Throughout his career, he has also worked extensively to design special technology for K9s and their handlers in law enforcement, leading him to become the first to develop, train, and deploy the Corrections Special Operations Riesenschnauzer.

Today, he is one of the most published and recognized instructors in the areas of Corrections Special Operations, Correctional Hostage Rescue Operations and High Risk Inmate Transport Operations. Captain Garcia has more than 200 published articles and is recognized as a subject matter expert not only within the federal government, but in Israel, Singapore, Argentina, and the U.K.

Garcia lives and breathes tough, and he does it with the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GWG1000-1A3. Designed for defense, the MUDMASTER offers protection from mud, vibration, shock, and other elements Garcia is all too familiar with. It features G-SHOCK's Version 3 Triple Sensor, providing its wearer with vital survival intel, including direction, temperature and altitude, plus enhanced visibility with a non-reflective sapphire crystal, oversized dial, 3D index and full auto double LED lights.

The MUDMASTER was created for use in the most extreme environments on Earth. With its combination of mud-resistant structure and highly unique functionality, it''s no wonder Garcia wears the GWG1000-1A3 as his gear of choice.

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