Every DJ can mix, scratch,blend and play hot songs. How did you make yourself standout to get noticed?

Back in the day they would have a DJ, and a host. At that time most DJs didn’t have a personality, they didn’t speak on the mic. I came into the game saying that I wanted to be the complete package that can control the party and rock the mic.

You get hired to spin at a variety of functions. What’s the least amount of time you need to turn a party out?

If you give me 15 minutes, I’ll have that [party] place going upside-down. It doesn’t take long for me because I can just look at the crowd, and I know what type of people I’m dealing with. I can go from old to new, to anywhere I need to go. It’s just about me having the eye, and me having the ear. That’s not something you can teach, you have to have that gift. Aside from having such a strong understanding of how to entertain musically, fashion style and trends also plays a very important part in your life. I always like to look very good wherever I go, and I like to be the freshest person in the spot. The way I dress sometimes can be very loud, but very fashionable. I’ve been wearing G-Shock for sometime now because they come with so many different styles and variations of colors.

Are you the type that feels the need to wear a watch every day?

Of course. I don’t look at my phone for the time. Me dressing, and looking the way that I look, one of the accessories I need is a good watch, and G-Shock hasalways provided a good color combination to compliment my outfit.

In the beginning, you had already owned an affordable camera and some editing software, but you didn’t take it seriously. What was it about doing that first video that changed your mind?

The whole process of it was dope to me. I was able to go out and shoot guerilla style. I was able to edit my work and see a product I was proud of. I was always into art, drawing and creating things but in school I never thought I could be a director. I always loved movies but I never knew it was a lane for me to do that.

Being that you have several music videos and commercials under your belt, how important is time when you’re working? In my field, time is very important. When I show upon set people are looking to me for answers, and I have to be considerate of my time, the artist’s time, and about my crew’s time.

If I go a half an hour over a budgeted video, we’re losing money and paying overages, so we don’t want to do that.

Would you say there is a particular time of the day where you’re the most productive?

I would say from 1am to 5am. I’m up every night until 6am, and then I’ll sleep 3 or 4 hours. I feel like when everybody else is asleep, I’m out here trying to create things for the next day.

Why are you so attracted to the G-Shock brand?

The reason I like G-Shock is because there’s so many different colors and ways you can mix them up. I just need a watch to tell me what time it is, to look good and to be reliable. Not something that’s going to take me away from spending more quality time with my family. Things are getting crazy with all this technology. I prefer to just keep it classic.