You have grown into someone whom a lot of celebrities, athletes and rappers can trust. What’s the key for building such a tight-knit network?

The key is staying true and helping people. I personally feel like a lot of people are shy, and they’re scared to network. So when I go to a room, the first thing I do is I try to see what people will do, so I can introduce them to the people I met who may do something that can help what they’re trying to do.

It sounds like you may have to go back and collect some consulting fees for helping to broker some big deals. This is a very smart way to get in good with both participating parties.

Before you know it, I created a synergy of people basically all trying to do the same thing. Breaking the ice and helping people that never been heard before. I just believe in supreme networking.

You are constantly on the front lines of several big events. How do you stay calm when you’re under the pressures of getting the perfect shot?

Sometimes I feel like nobody can get the shot that I can get. Nobody knows sometimes the importance of certain things to shoot. Certain words in a song that I know that the artist is gonna be excited to say. If you don’t know the hook or the cue point, you’ll get sucker shots—shots people got. Capture when an artist is about to cry or an artist is laughing, rolling on the floor. Those are the moments I’m trying to capture.

What does the G-Shock lifestyle mean to you?

It marks someone who’s on the go. It marks class. It marks a brand that stands the test of time.

As someone who has a different perspective on photography than most, is patience and taking your time a big thing for you?

It’s an essential for me. I don’t want the same image as the next person. I always try to capture a moment that doesn’t happen often. If I take a picture of a popular location I always ask myself: “How can I capture it differently?” I often find myself including someone or something in a shot.

What drives you to be involved in photography?

My desire is to be different. I didn’t want to live someone else’s life or follow someone else’s dream. I started this as a way to express what I felt and I how I see New York.

How important is timing to get the aerial/rich backgrounds you capture?

Timing is everything. Some days are too bright, some are too moody. There’s times where I walk through the city and come across a fantastic shot, but tell myself this isn’t the right scene. It would look best with overcast or with people or at night.

Do you worry about deadlines? Does that affect your art in any way?

I dislike them; it gives you a time limit. My ideas take time. And in order for me to create my best work, I need as much time as I can use.

What are your thoughts on the G-Shock brand?

Casio has done a great job with putting out products that me and my peers admire.