What started as a love for comic books, animation, and Japanese anime, Harlem, New York native Kid Art has evolved into quite the modern day Renaissance man. Whether it's movies, photography, drawing, or painting, the “Facetime” emcee really has a thing for the arts. Although music is the newest outlet he’s using to express his creative genius,those that follow closely will understand why the film fanatic has named his upcoming collection of songs Spielberg, paying homage to the cinematic icon. Based on the creativity the rapper and his crew personifies through their music videos, fans should have an idea what to expect in the next chapter when Kid Art fulfills his next dream of writing, directing, and producing original films.

So far the hip-hop community has been pretty receptive to your movement, your songs and videos, but music isn’t your first love.
I've been an artist before rap, or before music, so I feel like it’s a new stream I’m jumping on. I’ve been in films for the majority of my life, and painting, and drawing, so doing music is just another ride I’m jumping on right now.

Artistically is it challenging to switch lanes from one skill set to the next?
My music zone is similar to the film zone. I’m a translator for cinema through music. I’m trying to bring that skill into the world. I’ve been an artist forever, so to me rapping really feels like picking up a piano, or using oil paint instead of acrylic paint. It's just another thing.

So what projects are you currently working on?
I got Spielberg coming out, which is my first body of work as a music artist. I don’t want to call it a mixtape, it might just be a free album that features a whole lot of people I don’t want to mention yet. And on the film side, I’m working on a new full feature movie.

How long have you been rocking with the team G-Shock?
I’ve had G-Shocks since freshmen year in high school. I think that G-Shock has always been one of those brands that are always thinking about cool moves. It’s a trusted brand that’s always going to be here.

Back when Ramon Ibanga, Jr. aka !ll mind (pronounced ill-mind), first cut his teeth in themusic industry in 2000, the Bloomfield, New Jersey bred music producer took advantage of slow dial up speeds on the internet to share files and promote his brand. Once social media platforms began to redefine methods of communication and content distribution, Ibanga continued to embrace the rising technology trends, which enabled him to connect with various influential like minds throughout his region. Whether he’s working with new artists rockin’ backpacks or veterans with walls of platinum plaques, these days the hip-hop under boss continues to control his own destiny.

When you first got in the music industry, it was the start of people really connecting online and you took advantage.
I think the Internet opened up the doors for everybody, especially music producers. A lotof the people that I was able to create relationships with in the industry I met on the Internet. From like 2000 to 2010, that whole decade was the decade of people meeting over the Internet.

These days you’re probably overwhelmed with artists who want beats. How do you pick and choose who you decide to work with?
You’ll never see me working with someone that I truly don’t want to work with. I’ve worked with a lot of underground guys, I’ve worked with the guys that the majority of people like, and I like them too. Right now I’m just more so wanting to work with people I feel are dope and that inspire me.

What’s one of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned so far that’s made you better at what you do?
Starting relationships with people and being patient enough to allow those relationships to grow. Whether it’s a new relationship with an artist or a song. Sometimes you have to give a song time to grow. Time is everything and I think one of the keys to success is being patient.

What are your thoughts on the G-Shock brand?
They’re one of those companies that have solidified their stock in modern day culture. I’m excited about the G-Shock’s that wirelessly controls music playlists. That just creates better usability for someone like me that listens to music all the time.