With more than 30 years under its belt, and a reputation that precedes it, there’s no denying G-SHOCK is the undisputed heavyweight of the watch game. Built on a foundation of ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS and having a penchant for challenging the limits, no matter who, what, when or where, it’s easy to see why G-SHOCK is admired the world-over.

As part of the brand’s latest offering, the multi-dimensional GA700, G-SHOCK dropped into the toughest city in the world to catch up with some good friends who are holding it down and keeping it real in the urban jungle they call home. Like New York City, a mecca of cultural diversity and challenging extremes, these individuals have a style all their own. Relentless in what they do and unique in how they do it. Never giving in and more importantly, never, never, giving up!

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Nigel has a riding style formulated in the streets of NYC and displayed around the world. He’s a rising star in sports and widely recognized as one of BMX’s premier athletes. Born in Queens, Nigel’s love of riding began at just 5 years old in his driveway. With incalculable hours and a hyper-focus on achieving his dream, Nigel was able to land his first professional sponsorship at the young age of 18 under the co-sign of the late great Dave Mirra.  

Featured in 2014’s ESPN Magazine Body Issue, the now 29-year-old l is considered one of the most technical style BMX’ers in the world with the ability to pull off multi-trick combinations that continue to pad his highlight reel on a daily basis. "I like to take my tricks two or three steps further in order to truly challenge myself.” said Nigel. “I enjoy those three and four trick combos that include barspins and tailwhips. I usually add these tricks in the beginning or end of a grind".

Nigel’s prowess as a BMX athlete has enabled him to land sponsorships with some of the leading names in sports, lifestyle, and entertainment including G-SHOCK. In his latest endeavor, a video series titled ‘Go!’, he has yet again earned global acclaim, racking up over 6 million views and counting. The series documents Nigel’s travels and adventures around the world from his personal POV. In his own words "BMX has afforded me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and it’s honestly a blessing. I’ll continue pushing myself in every aspect with the goal to execute at the highest level possible".

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Legendary New York Graffiti Artist MQ

Inspired by graffiti in NY, MQ has been covering public spaces around the world using stickers, paint and his symbol for years. His simple organic style strives to bring positive vibe to the planet. His symbol is a vital method of communicating with a diverse audience. It transcends differences in language and culture with its easily recognizable familiarity. With devotion and endless energy MQ wants to add art to every city.

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Rapper/Pro Skater "Black Dave" Willis

“Black Dave” has been making waves in NYC for several years now. He rips on theboard and mic equally. Look for his NYBD skate video featured in Thrasher magazine and his latest single "the hangover" on Fools Gold Records. Upcoming? His EP "Trap/Punk" project BLACK PUNK with legendary producer, Tim Armstrong (Rancid/Transplants)

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Artist/Designer ELI REED

Eli is on his way to the top of the skateboarding world AND starting his own signature clothing line. In his own words, "I'm going to be the next Ralph Lauren" and he is well on his way…

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