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The bicycle shop CHARI & CO attracts not only competitive riders, but also artists and skaters, giving rise to a free atmosphere.


The Beginning

At first CHARI & CO was strictly a bike parts shop. One day, we found out that one of our customers was a STEVEN ALAN employee. After, CHARI & CO. Founder Yuki Goto expressed his admiration for the brand, the customer brought up the possiblity of a collaboration. Released in 2009, the CHARI & CO x STEVEN ALAN shirt quickly gained traction. Ever since then, CHARI & CO has been producing apperal and accessories while extending its reach to Japan.

The GA500K

The main triangle of a bicycle frame is made up of a top tube, seat tube, and down tube. Together, these tubes are responsible for the strength and stiffness of a bicycle. The geometry (kikagaku in Japanese) of these three tubes, which should match the needs and dimensions of each riderm can significantly affect one's time on the bike.


MT-G Features

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