Jun 04, 2013

G-SHOCK Soho Store

g-shock sessions

Every 3 months, G-SHOCK Soho will host a G-Session for unsigned artists. We are looking to promote new local talent from our flagship store location. First event will be held October 2016. If interested, please submit a sample of your work to gshocksohoevents@casio.com. You will only be contacted if we choose to have you perform.

**DO NOT send any MP3 files via email attachment unless specifically requested.  Send tracks using SoundCloud, BandCamp, Myspace, facebook, youtube or similar site where we can preview with option to download.

G-SHOCK Soho will supply:
The venue
Professional videographer with quality sound
Watch(es) for artist (s) to wear during set and then keep
Exposure of best 3 songs (8-9 minutes long) from session on all G-SHOCK US and Soho social media platforms.

Artist will supply:
(1) 45 minute session
Exposure of session on personal social media platforms tagging G-SHOCK Soho
Click here to see the official terms and conditions.

In December of 2012, G-SHOCK launched their first North American flagship store, G-Shock Soho. Nestled in the fashionable neighborhood on West Broadway, the store carries all current G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice and Protrek timepieces, along with a second floor gallery which rotates quarterly to feature trendy and edgy artwork from a variety of artists. Also on display are a number of timepieces that have been a part of the building of our heritage. The store's design was developed with a working knowledge of what G-Shock represents, Absolute Toughness, as well as what it means to the consumers and collaborators. Our mission is to provide customers with an immersion in the brand-what it represents, why toughness is important in a timepiece and how new technologies can improve the overall performance and feature sets of a watch.

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    454 West Broadway - New York, New York 10012
    P (212) 533-8700

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    New Years Eve
    Memorial Day
    4th of July
    Labor Day
    Christmas Eve
    (open regular hours and close at 4pm)

    New Years Day
    Christmas Day